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Quality Plan

Our Quality Plan details specifications and acceptance criteria encompassing the entire process flow from raw material checks to inspection at inprocess stages and lastly, final inspection of bolts after acceptance of which test certificate / inspection reports accompany every despatch. Our comprehensive Quality Plan has contributed to the accreditation of ISO 9002 Quality systems certified by Bureau Veritas Quality International (B.V.Q.I)

"SUR-LOK" bolt dimensions are checked with precision Vernier Callipers and Micrometers. Pitch Dia is checked with solid thread ring gauges "GO" and "NO GO" with 6g and 6h Class and with pitch micrometer. Hardness is checked with Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines and Torque by Torquemeter.

All instruments, Gauges, Test Equipment, Weighing Scales and other safety equipment are periodically calibrated to ensure precision in our results and provision of a safe working environment.

An independent Q.A. Department is responsible for ensuring greater accuracy and Statistical Process Control (S.P.C.) Techniques are used to monitor dimensional consistency.

Quality Policy

We, at Sang Fasteners Pvt. Ltd., are comiitted to manufacture Industrial Fasteners as per agreed standards to the total satisfaction of our national and international customers, under the brand "SUR-LOK".

We shall ensure this through :

  • Delivering products and services of the right specification at the right time and at the right price.
  • Continuous improvement in all areas of operation.
  • Continuous endeavours to develop new products and markets.
  • Phased efforts to upgrade our manufacturing facilities to achieve improved quality.
  • Development of human resources through provision of skills and training to our employees & promotion of open communication.

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